Neurons and Other Memories gathers together the work of artists and scientists whose investigations offer a bridge between and among the fine arts and neuroscience or neuropsychology. Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh.
Lens on Life
An exhibition and film curated by Professor Marina Wallace of Artakt in which artists collaborate with scientists to explore the fundamental mechanism of human life - Mitosis. In this episode of the film Rob Kesseler develops a collection of work in response to the biologist Melina Schuh from the MRC Cambridge.
Out of Sight: Drawing in the lives of makers
An exhibition curated by Kyra Cane exploring the relationship between drawing and making to reveal insights into the creative process. Includes work by Rob Kesseler, Felicity Aylieff, Michael Eden, Junko Mori, Kate Malone. Contemorary Applied Arts. 12.09.14 - 19.10.14
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