When Science Meets Art
Plant biologist Enrico Coen and artist Rob Kesseler join John O'Shea Head of Programming Science Gallery, London, to discuss their long standing collaboration that explores the convergence between art and biology.
Wednesday 26 June 2019
6.30 — 7.30pm
The Benjamin West Lecture Theatre, Burlington Gardens, Royal Academy of Arts
Solo Exhibition
Municipal Art Gallery Corfu May 30 - June 12
GENUS is a new body of work inspired a personal collection of botanical woodcuts from 1568 by Pietro Matthioli. Genus refers to the taxanomic classification of plants but also in the exhibition the diverse forms of graphic representation used by artists and scientists to depeict them.
Solo Exhibition across two venues:
Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University, Sept 23 - Nov 12.Co-presented with Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation Sept 23 - Dec 15
Curated by Lugene Bruno and John Carson
Worlds Within opens our eyes to the generally unseen world of plants and their internal architecture, textures, patterns and functions. It reveals repeating patterns in nature: generic structures and forms, which recur on a macro and micro scale.

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